Bear “Vortex” Wheel Cleaner




Vortex is a powerful gel based wheel cleaner. Providing a slightly thick foaming spray it will cling to your wheel to help break down road grime. Although tough on dirt Vortex is a non acidic formula and safe on most finishes. Perfect to use as a quick detailer or part of a wash.

Gel based formula for extra cling.
Safe for most wheel finishes
Non acidic
Powerful cleaning power

If using as a quick detailer mist product over wheel and use a plush microfiber to wipe away dirt.
To wash, mist product over wheel, then Allow 2-3 minutes to dwell
Use a detailing brush if needed to agitate product.
Pressure wash wheel until dirt and product is removed
Once clean for the perfect finish use a microfiber towel to dry.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg