Bear “Eradicate” Fallout Remover




Eradicate is a premium iron & fallout remover. It is designed to remove and breakdown iron rich contaminants on both body panels and wheels, such as break dust. Once sprayed on, Eradicate will instantly begin to dissolve and breakdown contaminants, leaving a clean surface. Its unique formulation helps it to cling to the surface, maximising is efficacy. Its quality ingredients and pleasant scent and low odour formula make it a pleasure to use.

– Powerful premium formula
– Low odour cherry infused scent
– Gel based liquid for extra cling and performance
– Safe for body work and wheels

– Spray Eradicate over the affected wheel or panel completely covering the area.
– Allow at least 2-3 minutes to work but do not leave to dry.
– Once the product has reacted it will turn dark purple and you will see the points of contamination.
– After reaction and dwell time have occurred rinse the product off thoroughly.
– Even though Eradicate is safe on bodywork caution is to be given on a wrapped panel.

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Weight 1.2 kg