KT 10 Lint Free Cloths




Ten of the very best supersoft 100% cotton, lint free polishing cloths.
Approx 18″ x 18″ double thickness, fully edged and finished. Machine washable. Will not scratch or mark paints, gel coats, perspex, fibreglass etc. and being anti-static nor will it leave fluff or bits.
Ideal for detailing work or polishing dark or metallic paint finishes and interiors, dashboards, screens, aluminium,alloys and chromed metals. 100% cotton so can be boiled or bleached to clean.
Suitable to use with all types of waxes and polishes. e.g Carnuba wax, Autoglym, Meguires, Mer, Poor Boys, Raceglaze, armorall etc. for best results use antistatic polish

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Weight 1.5 kg